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We had less than two weeks to go before the expiration of Fern Gully's "Timber Harvest Plan", or THP, and the Pacific Lumber Company extended it further. The original plan started in 2001 and would have ended in October 2006, but will last another year. Gully could possibly be extended two more times. We are all very sad, but remain determined to see this extraordinary grove protected.


"Patience & Leaner"

"Patience" and "Leaner"


Gully is part of THP #01-446, and is located on a steep slope behind Garfield Elementary School along Freshwater Creek. The creek flows to Humboldt Bay, and from there to the Pacific Ocean. Although rainfall is the most significant factor in determining the likelihood of flooding, the clear-cutting of this THP could increase the risks of downstream flooding and help increase sediment build-up around the creek bed.

The Pacific Lumber Company, under the ownership of Texas-based MAXXAM Corporation, scheduled Fern Gully to be clear-cut. "Clear-cutting" is a logging method in which companies liquidate entire sections of forest for maximum revenue.  In just a few work hours, this centuries old ecosystem will vanish.  This unsustainable method has allowed the near extinction of the spotted owl and marbled murrelet, the bankruptcy of Humboldt's heritage salmon enterprise, and the insecurity of neighboring communities under the threat of flooding.


View of Freshwater from the trees

View of Garfield Elementary School from "Watsi"


Even now, with Palco's bankruptcy and the loss of many Humboldt county jobs, Freshwater Creek continues to be damaged by the ill-effects of clear-cut logging practices. This impaired watershed, as found under the Clean Water Act of 303(d) by the Environmental Protection Agency, faces the danger of increased sedimentation, flooding and landslides.


  Our 4 Points:

NO! Clear-cutting

NO! Logging Old-growth

NO! Logging on Steep Slopes

NO! Spraying Herbicides


We Say:

YES! to Sustainable Forestry and Jobs

YES! to Local Control of Local Resources


until there's a solution .... there's nonviolent direct action


We are a not-for-profit group of highly trained climbers dedicated to the preservation
of this grove of ancient redwood, Sitka spruce and Douglas-fir trees.  "The Gully" is one of the last stands of existing old-growth trees left in Freshwater.

Our involvement is the embodiment of our love and respect for the trees and for all forms of life. We reserve tree-sitting as the most reliable way to continue human dignity amidst the unmindful practices of greed.


Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the citizens of Humboldt and Mendocino Counties, and to our friends at North Coast Earth First! and We Save Trees! for their love and support.




Write or email us at:

Fern Gully

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